Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday quickie - Personalized Thank You's

I like to personalize my packaging for customer orders the same as I like each piece of jewelry to be you-neek. It is a an extra special way to say thank you.

I was putting an order together this morning and thought I would share something you may want to use with your customers as well. If the item is handmade, why can't the thank you be as well.

This is what I do for earring orders.

A tablet of colored paper/cardstock

Pick a color and cut out a smallish rectangle - I chose this lighter color because I wanted to use the orange ink.

Cut the rectangle in a unique shape - something curvey or lopsided something to give it a more organic look.

Ink and stamp (I am getting a custom stamp make with a JAT logo on it :)

Poke two holes in the paper, hang the earrings and scrawl a Thank You!

There you have it! If the customer stops by my site and appreciates my work enuff to buy it - I want to show them a little appreciation with a personal thank you.

Tomorrow - same bat time, same bat channel - I will be posting my July Rings & Things blogger challenge necklace!

Stay Tuned!


  1. - Great idea & good way to treat your customers, Tish!


  2. Thanks Dave! A little extra goes a long way!

  3. Very nice!! I just love creative people!! :)

    By the way, your new blog is awesome! It is so pretty and flows nicely. The colors got me immediately!

  4. Very cool way to package and show your appreciation!

    And ditto Lisa, your blog template is beautiful!