Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sharing an old memory

My daughter is going to kill me -

20 some odd years ago my daughters art class made 'jewelry boxes' for them to give for Mothers Day presents. I remember her giving this to me, so proud, she had made it all by herself. I remember she said, "I made it blue because that is your favorite color". then she opened it up and showed me the cotton balls tucked into the egg compartments and said "This is so they stay safe in their own pockets!" (but she said pot-chets) *sigh* I am tearing up here just thinking about it.

This has become one of my most valued treasures, and for those of you who know me, that is saying something. I am not a 'keeper' when it comes to sentimental items. I keep the memories closer than I do the 'thing'. The only aspect of my life that I am a keeper is when it comes to jewelry making. There is always a purpose to repurpose!

In this little egg carton jewelry box I have a few pieces of my mothers and grandmothers old costume jewelry. The jewelry I remember them wearing as a kid and wishing my life away so I could be old enuff to wear it too.

So here it is 20 years later, with 20 years of wear and dust, and it is still the most beautiful thing I have ever received.

Just a few of the little treasures tucked away safely inside

Side note - remember the silver bells Jo? I had them forever too :)

Edit - Jo read the entry and IM'd me -

[19:27] Jo: i just saw the note you posted on facebook.
[19:27] Jo: in the center of the top of the egg carton jewelry box, i put a 'diamond'
[19:27] Jo: i remember i took it out of the pile of stuffs that mrs. thompson had brought in, and i hid it so i could give it to you
[19:28] Jo: so i could use it to decorate yours
[19:30] tish@work: weren't you just the sneaky one
[19:30] Jo: yep
[19:30] Jo: when i was that little i thought it really was a diamond
[19:31] Jo: and i thought it was so cool to give you one
[19:31] tish@work: you just thought that whole process was cool
[19:31] tish@work: i love that thing jo
[19:31] Jo: i'm glad you do

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