Monday, July 27, 2009

A Great Surprise

I got a phone call couple weeks ago from my friend Vanessa. She was all excited about being at the bead show and couldn't wait to call me. She had gotten some "White Turquoise" and wanted me to make necklaces for her and her daughter-in-law.

I attribute my jewelry making habit to Vanessa. Her and her husband are a vendors at the flea market specializing in gemstones. The things they have in their booth make my heart happy. Pocket stones, cathedrals, paper weights, spears, eggs, wind chimes, carved animal figures, wands, sterling rings/pendants, stretchy bracelets, it is a shopping delight to stop by. She also carries a small selection of gemstone beads. She was my original supplier. She was so kind to me when I first started making jewelry. She supported me and would ooh and awe over the pieces that I made. I would make things for her in appreciation and she would proudly wear them, like a mom wears a macaroni necklace made by their first grader in art class. When I look back now at the things I made for her, and I still see her wearing them today, I am thrilled and embarrassed at the same time.

I went to the flea market yesterday to her booth to hang out for a while and see her spoils. She ran up to me and hugged me so tight, I nearly got weepy. "You always know when I need you, and you know when to show up" We had a great visit. Her and her husband Harry showed me all the new things they had acquired for their little booth. Then she broke out the strands for the necklaces - My jaw dropped.

She bought enuff for several necklaces to be made, she wanted them for christmas gifts and then says - I bought this for you.

Not only had she bought a strand for herself, but she bought one for me - These are monsters.

I wish I had had a camera so I could have taken pictures of her face. The twinkle in her eye as she bought out each of the strands. She was so thrilled to share these with me.

These lava beads are so smooth.

She said 'I don't know why I picked this up. Have you ever seen pink chalcedony? Here you keep these!'

Do you see the honkin' size of these!?!

She had a pendant for her d-i-l, a fellow vendor, the shell for herself and gave me one as well.

These are awesome. I think the left one is porcelian, the right one maybe - how you say - 'fire crab agate?'

All the findings she picked up to use in the necklaces.

They had a bag full of these little stretchy bracelets. I naturally picked up the mookite and commented on the designs in the focal stone. She shoved it in my hands and sed take it.

I don't know what I am going to do with them. I adore them so much. What a great time I had yesterday. I certainly have my work cut out for me! I have to get my rear in gear and get to work. I have a half finished Rings & Things blogger challenge on my work table right now. Where to find the time!!!!


  1. this is a bounty!! how cool!!

  2. What a generous friend. She's got very good taste in beads, too. I'm liking those pendants in the middle pictures!