Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July is here!

July is here and I need a vacation bad. I need the refueling kind of vacation, where I can unplug. Preferably a porch with a view of a mountain, with coffe in the morning, and wine in the evening . No t.v, mebbe a radio, a good book, and a deck of cards. I dont' want to visit, i don't want to site see, i want to unlax....

In my head on this vacation, I may go to town one nite for dinner. What would I wear? My mind immediatly thinks beads - what would i wear jewelry wise, and then my mind wanders over to beading, and then I start to pah-roose my favorite supply sites and I put this together.

I would use a 3 tier chain look of different styles of chains. I would use this one at 27"

Chain, Footage, Hammered Oval Cable (Silver Plated)

This one at 24"

Chain, Footage, Oval Curb, 8mm (Silver Plated)

This one at 21"

Chain, Footage, Curb, Link, 4.2mm (Silver Plated)

5 or so of these - I always use odd numbers

Oh and THESE!!

Bead, Glass, Tip-Drilled Teardrop, 9x6mm (Peridot Matte)

Then add these (oh LAWD I love these) randomly over the three tiers

Crystal Mix, Boardwalk Stroll, Limited Edition "Buyer's Choice" (Assorted)

Rings & Things became my 'vacation escape' this afternoon. I am gonna have to make an order I feel and make this dream come true :) Rings & Things is more than just a jewelry supply site. Their selection is incredible, and if you can't find your inspiration, try their project gallery, so many ideas. Right now they are having a contest, you should get in on it! From now till the end of July, they are having a contest for Product Review! It's easy, just go to and post a review of your favorite product. Don't have any Rings & Things products? Call their customer service and place an order, find out for yourself how great their products are! Ask for Bill. ;)


  1. That bead mix brought tears to my eyes after reading and "living" your vacation dream!! I wish I had seen that bead mix a couple weeks ago! :) I don't know if I can live without it now.

  2. Lisa! what a sweet comment. I am thinking i need to go shopping also :)