Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Filigree Earring How To

This is a quick and easy fun little earring how to. These have an almost victorian look to them.

What you will need.

2 - Filigree, Angel Wings (Antiqued Copper Plated) - Rings & Things
24 - Head Pin, 1.5", Thin (Antiqued Brass Plated) - Rings & Things
2 - Eye Pin, 1.5", Thin (Antiqued Brass) - Rings & Things
6 - Jump Ring, Round, 5mm (Antiqued Brass Plated) - Rings & Things
24 - 3x5 faceted citrine roundells - Sedona Stones
2- Antique Brass-Plated Plain Earwire - ArtBeads

Put 22 of the citrine roundells on the head pins and make a basic loop at the top of each bead. Trim the tails.

Slightly open the loop and add the 'charms' to the filigree - I have made a chart to show you where they go.

Now turn the filigree over and attach a jump ring to each of the points.

Connect the two jump rings with one more jump ring

Slide one of the remaining roundells onto the eye pin and create a wire wrapped loop at the top of the bead.

Trim the tail. Pry the eye pin loop apart slightly and attach it to the topmost jump ring on the filligree.

Add your earring wire and there you have it kids!!

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  1. Fun and lovely plus a great how-to, thank you for sharing! And the chart - great idea!

  2. Were you a teacher in another life, Tish? You make such nice clear tutorials! These earrings must catch the sunlight wonderfully with all those citrine crystals...