Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Quickie - Style on a budget

I have done it, I am sure you have done it. Find a piece of jewelry you like and you look at the tag and gulp back the surprise of the price.

I, myself, have a few 'pricey' pieces. They were created as show pieces for gallery and art council shows.

Case in point - This piece, Evenings Twilight is one of those pieces. I was approached by a customer about this piece and what was the cost. When I told her the cost, it was too much. I understand it is too much. I didn't price it high because I thought that was the worth. I priced it using the standard handmade jewelry price formula.

So I got to thinking. She really liked the necklace, why can't I make something similar but more cost effective. And that is what I did. I did some looking at ArtBeads and Ring& Things and found quality components that would imitate the original but at a fraction of the cost.

Silver-Plated Oval Link Chain - ArtBeads

Bead, Glass, Firepolish, Teardrop (Black) - Rings & Things

Bead, Glass, Firepolish, Teardrop (Crystal/ Aurora Borealis) - Rings & Things

And here she is -

Even thru in a pair of earrings!

With this done, I am going to start my vacation.

I am siting here looking out the sliding glass doors in awe at Lake Ontario. I forgot the ee-mense-ness of this lake. I forgot how my heart swells at the beauty of this lake. I forgot how much I loved western NY and all its glorious summer bounty.

Earlier today I went for my walk and didn't get to far. I was continusly wandering from one side of the road to the other, looking at and smelling the flowers. EVERYTHING is in bloom. Today is picture day for sure.


  1. I'm saving for a real treat. For me. And for me only. :)

  2. NICE, those colors are perfection!! I LOVE this. The colors, the design, the length, GREAT!!