Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rings & Things blogger challenge - July *bong*

That title makes me think of Law & Order. I said it in my head with my mocking announcer voice and magically I heard the *bong* from Law & Order.

Wonder what that means???? Mebbe I should turn my head from side to side to view the piece so I get a better understanding of what it is I am trying to convey.

I looked and looked at the Gold Filled Connector. Turned it over in my fingers absent mindedly trying to think of how to use it, but not to it's full capacity. Give it new meaning and new life outside of what it is intended.

*think* *think*


I set it off to the side and began and clean and organize my workspace. I am the worlds worst at keeping organized. One thing I have found is when I have no inspiration, when I clean it helps. The other thing that motivates me to clean is we are going out of town for a few days this week. We are going back to NY to visit with family and friends. I am so excited I just pee'd my pants! I haven't been 'home' in over two years and I am on pins and needles wanting to get up there. I wanted to make something new and fun to wear while I was up there and thought if I cleaned up a little, I would get that inspiration to hunker down and get to work. Normally when I go thru and regroup and re categorize my things, I always stumble upon something that makes me say - "Oh wow, I forgot about you!"

As was the case this morning. As I was cleaning I found a washer. One of those little things I find while out walking that I tuck away for a rainy day. As soon as I touched it, the cleaning stopped and the work began. I dug out my wire, and a couple crystals and this was the outcome -

High Voltage

Here is what I used:
Connector, Gold Filled, Round, 34mm, 4 Loop (Closeout) (Gold Filled) - Rings & Things

Wire, ColourCraft®, 20g, 15yd (Black) - Rings & Things

5301 4mm Faceted Bicone Crystal Golden Shadow - Art Beads

5301 4mm Faceted Bicone Crystal AB - Art Beads

I threw it on a ribbon and called it done.

For part two of the blogger challenge, I feel I copped out a bit with these, but I wanted something new, simple, and versatile. These are great for running around, and for going out to dinner. Jeans and Silk, know what I mean :)

Here's what I used:

Crystal Bead, Cube, 8mm (Topaz/ Aurora Borealis) Rings & Things

Filigree, Tower (Antiqued Copper Plated) Rings & Things

5301 4mm Faceted Bicone Crystal Golden Shadow
- Art Beads

There is 2 down and a few more to go. Still have so many ideas knocking around, can't wait to use the pouch of beads!!! Designer Beads!! That makes me a designer!!

Ok Kids - off to do a days work!


  1. When life hands you a lightning bolt of inspiration, make High Voltage pendants!


  2. Oh yeah, that is so cool!!!!!!!!

  3. More great ideas for the challenge! Now I have to get busy and catch up to you :-)