Thursday, March 19, 2009

Writers block

I have it - that is for sure. I am sitting here, watching the clock and slurping on my coffee, and nothing. NOTHING!

*think* *think*

Ok, I take that back. I have a lot rolling around in the vast expanse that is my mind but I just can't get a grasp on it. I make a swipe for it, and it slips thru my fingers. I see it, *reaches out* *snap* it is fleeting. It giggles running passed me in that taunting teasing way. Those thoughts dash passed me waving note cards with quips of - 'growing your business' 'what is an affiliate program' 'repurpose project' and the list keeps going. These are all things i want to research for myself and to share with others. I just can't come up with the words.

*think* *think*

I am now focused on the whole 'writers block' and nearly in a panic - what if I can't come up with any ideas for days - DAZE! Then it hit me - labradorite.

Did you know that labradorite is used to prevent or dispel writers block?!?!?! This is one of my favorite stones. I love the flash of fire when the stone catches the sun just right. The dark cobalt carries over to lighter blues and greens with a flash, as it seems to flirt with me when it does so.

I carry several pocket stones, fidget stones, or worry stones if you will. I choose them for my mood and also for what I will be facing in that particular day. Today I do not have a labradorite with me...dagnabit. Maybe the belief in the metaphysical properties of the stones is enuff - as I look up - I have in fact written a post for the day, and it seems my writers block may have been lifted!

Some examples of pieces I have made with labradorite -
This was a flat faceted briolete that had broken at the drill across the top. No need to throw it away - wrap it!

My daughters pocket stone I wrapped.

Cluster of laboradite in a drop style earring.

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  1. Lovely, interesting stone and a very useful property for bloggers - I should get myself a big chunk of it!

    I haven't tried making a wrapped pendant yet - it's on the list, though. And especially now that a friend of mine sent me a bag of really wonderful tumbled stones - they're all beautiful, but there are a few of them that deserve extra special attention - I may have to get some nice gold-filled wire for them (after I've practiced A LOT with cheap stuff).