Friday, March 6, 2009

Introducing - Basking Tabby

This is the piece I am donating to the auction for a local no kill shelter - Safe Haven.

This is a no kill shelter for cats, so I wanted the piece to have a 'theme' of sorts w/o being kitschy.

*think* *think*

I am attracted to the warmth of orange, so I decided to go with carnelian, tiger eye, some fun glass to stay with orange -

Hey - Tabby's are orange....I have an orange tabby.

I based a lot of this design on my tabby - Zeus. General consensus has it that orange tabbies are the most affectionate and loving of all cats. Blame it on the color. If you have or have had an orange tabby you know what I am talking about. They have to be near you all the time, be in your face, touch you, follow you, talk to you, rub on you, lay in your clothes, follow you, panick when they can't see you - needy is a good word.

In this design I used that 'personality' of my Zeus to create a draped and lazy front design. He has to drape across me or my work at all times.

Here it is -

Basking Tabby - carnelian, tiger eye, white jade, magnesite, and millefiori glass from Sedona Stones.

Close up of the sterling cat clasp from

Close up of the sterling cat charms that are tucked in the design, also from Artbeads.

And as always - Zeus walking thru at least one of my shots.............


  1. You are so right about orange cats - although he has been gone for a few years now, I will always have a huge place in my heart for Pumpkin, who was just like you say - affectionate and very clingy. His successor is Pudding, a long-haired orange and white cat (courtesy of my son who, upon joining the Army, left him with us, so he's my 'grandkitty') and he loves to snuggle. And sleep across the bottom 1/3 of the bed so I can't stretch out!

    As for the Basking Tabby necklace - simply gorgeous. I'm sure the shelter will get great bids on it. What beautiful beads!

    Hopping over to Sedona Stones right now to check them out.

  2. Thank Dawno -
    I sent the shelter a link to the blog so they could see the pics, and they were thrilled with it. and i found out that the girl i have been workin with, paints, and linked to her blog.
    was a great day!

    zeus sleeps across my pillow, so i feel ya, just on the other end :)