Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glue-ale challenge - attempt - FAIL

My brother and sister in law have been in town for several days so I am behind on my challenges - I apologize


I was going to be clever and document the process and share with you - in case it was brilliant. Now I will make myself vulnerable, and show you the documentation of the thought process, and the intent. Be gentle :)

Thinking on the side of brilliance, I was going to glue on little polymer clay pieces. Could be cute, could be colorful, and fun designs. I thought because I am working in a new area - with the glue-able, I would also try and work some with the polymer clay. I have been wanting to do some stuff with that anyways. First I wanted to try making just some patterned squares.


I didn't have much of a selection left over. The clay is always the hit when my g/f comes over with her kids. They play with it all nite. Here are a few scraps I had.

I made them into squares bout the size of the metal glue pad. I went about this all wrong, as an after thought, but I am secure enuff in myself to share :)

Made designs with spirals and straight pieces.

Here is where I thougth I was being clever - i was going to mash them flat, and the shape them to fit on the glue pad..

After I mashed them, I realized they were too big, and I was only going to have blue squares on the bracelet instead of the fun design.

*think* *think*

BUTTONS!!! I will make them into buttons!!! - This is my depressed Duck line.

This attempt altho failed, was a fun learning expierence, and I have some fun buttons.


  1. Wonderful post - had me grinning from the top. But, "my depressed Duck line" is totally funny.

    Those are the kind of buttons my daughter would love - she has that kind of sense of humor.

    I'm trying to put together a step by step of my first experiment - it's more of a challenge than I thought!

  2. I get impatient - I want to make it, cuz it is in my head, but i want to share too. i need to have someone stand behind me and take pictures while i make it - then again....i couldn't stand having someone over my shoulder the whole time....IMPOSSIBLE I TELL YOU!!!!

    good luck on your documentation, i can't wait!

  3. Post is nearly done - will go up at 6PM Pacific. I don't have anyone around to stand over my shoulder, so the shots are kind of posed...

    Hey, about polyclay - I've been wanting to try some, but I was wondering about the baking part - do you have a special oven for it?

  4. Nope - just my oven - you cook it slow - around 275 for 15 minutes per 1/4" of thickness.

    it will 'burn' if you leave it in too long.

    is easy peasy!!!! i cant' wait to see what you do with it

  5. hey save those- i was thinking buttons too. if anyone can make them work it's you!!

  6. Love a duck! Great post, Tish, I have 2 left hands when it comes to crafts -- So I love to see how not to do things sometimes. And how cool that you've turned lemons into lemonade with the buttons. :)


  7. As corny as it may seem - I do try to find the best in everything. I have to laff at myself, and learn from my mistakes. I can't let everyone else have all the fun!

  8. Love the depressed duck line, nice of you to share, makes me not feel so bad about my little trial and errors!