Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some fun

I finally got to sit down the other day and play with my new supplies. I know I know, it is spring - but i have always been drawn to the warmer earth tones. AND - what else to go better with the new filigree findings I got.

I have never been a fan of pearls and haven't worked much with them. (they scare me) These jumped out at me - right off the table they did - while i was standing in the check out line at the bead show. the vendors are sneaky, they do this on purpose. They keep you right there, in front of all the beads - taunting you, tempting you to buy more. They know your weaknesses!!! THEY PEY UPON YOUR LACK OF SELF CONTROL!!! ONE MORE STRAND, JUST ONE MORE STRAND YOU KNOW YOU NEED IT!!! YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!

*blink* *blink*
*pushes up glasses nonchalantly*
*clears throat*

where was i.........

i wanted something fun and drapey with lots of random, so this is what happened.

The Fancy Spade Filigree, (love these!) and the 4mm Round Filigree bead, I picked up from Rings & Things
The Chain came from Firemountain Gems
The pearls came from O mega gems
The random stones faceted carnelian, faceted tiger eye, and red agate came from Sedona Stones.


  1. I can see (uh, me, at least) wearing this with a splashy Hawaiian shirt for summer - or against a bright yellow and embroidered Mexican peasant blouse - no need to wait for fall at all.

    (oh, *love* it, too!)

  2. Love the color mix, Tish..."fun" is a good tag to use here...actually it's always a lot of fun to read your blog :)