Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glue-able challenge - 2 & 3

Here is a real serious attempt at the polymer clay and the glueable bracelet from Ring & Things.

I wanted to try and do something with a mill-ee-fee-your-ee style. I wanted to play with the idea and get a feel for how it is done.

I didn't document this one. This is my first attempt at the millefiori technique with polymer clay.
I created the pieces with the sculpty clay, baked them and finished them with a spray can of hi gloss.

I made a blue 'log' about 2" log and 1/2" in diameter. Then rolled out thinner 'logs' of brown and orange, and pressed them around the log. Then I flattened a piece of white and wrapped it around the 'log'. I compacted the log with my hand to make the design tight, and then rolled it lightly back and forth on the table to lengthen the log. Then I sliced it up, and pressed the pieces a little more with my fingertips to make them a bit more square. After baking them, I gave them a quick shot of hi gloss, and here ya go!

I used part number Stock#: 40-367-1

When I see gold I think of christmas and I think of those Brach's nougats...the peppermint ones. Dave from Rings & Things made a comment about making valentines type insult candy - So I went with a candy theme. I dug around and found a few more scraps of polymer clay. Using the same technique as before, I made an attempt at making a christmassy type candy style adornment to glue to the gold bracelet.

I used part number - Stock#: 40-349-2

This has been fun, and I am rolling with more ideas!

Thanks Dave!


  1. Christmas nougat! Yummy!

    Cute and clever stuff. I am going to have to go and get some polyclay now. I don't have a decent place (yet) to work on it, but I'll kludge something together. At least I got the pasta machine for Christmas to condition the clay! (Imagine the disappointment on DH's face when he learned I wanted it, not for making fresh pasta for him, but for clay!)

  2. hehe, grl, i used my hands, a steak knife and a couple magazines. you will do just fine

  3. Hee! I'm almost tempted to take a bite out of the second one...nom nom nom :)

    Did you use any glues? Or did they bake on just fine?

  4. Thanks for pointing that out Barbara!! What an oversite on my part. I glued them on after baking them and glossing them.

    I can't believe I forgot to put that important detail!!
    *smacks forehead*

  5. So cute! Remember the brach's nougats with the little pieces of fruit or pretend fruit, that's what the white ones remind me of, yum! I don't think they make them in the little cube packages any more, but it's a nice memory!