Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Elvis sighting!

For those who know me and my family, this is normal-see, for those who don't, sometimes we come across as a bit much.

We are a 'free' bunch to say the least. We will do anything for a laugh, and will perform till we drop for one more encore. We are published, recorded, royaltied, exhibited, and often copied. We are the Pipers.

We have our own fashion, attitude and opinion and still carry an unusual amount of humility - we are grateful to be as blessed as we are - To have the courage to do what we do and not feel the scrutiny of our peers.

Now that I have given you that, I will show you this - My brother - I don't know the whole story - more than likely bored in the sound booth at church, with a sharpie -



  1. The "STORY" is... our children's pastor took a picture of me in the soundbooth last Sunday night with her cell phone camera.
    When I saw I pointing at me... I made an "ugly face."
    The next day I found the photo printed and hung on my office door.
    It was horrible... the kind of photo anyone would pay large sums to ensure that it doesn't
    make it into the public eye...
    So... naturally... being the artist that I am... I grabbed a sharpie and went to work...
    This is the result... and I hung it back on my door for everybody's amusement at the church...
    While I wasn't looking the children's pastor scanned it into her computer and posted it on the net....
    ....and here we go!
    Your brother.

  2. there you have it - straight from the brothers mouth!