Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Growing pains

Am working feverishly to get my site up and going. One step at a time.

It is kinda funny, as I am working on it, it is live. all my mistakes and blunders are there, hanging out for everyone to see. at the same time, it is fun to watch the progress.

leave it to me to break something. i am a natural at software QA. When I thought I was adding a category, I was actually editing the actual no longer displays as category - it is now necklaces. so everything I put on the site is in the necklaces category (even tho it isn't)

my husband did some head scratching last nite wondering how in the heck i did it....

am telling ya - if you have something that the warranty is about to expire on, give it to me, I can break it :)


  1. I have had a new domain that I bought (along with a hosting service) for nearly a year and still haven't put up a web page - I can't figure out how to ftp to the dang thing! I can create the css and html for a basic site, it's the shopping carts that are also killing me.

    I'm envious of anyone who can even get something "broken" up! At least you're most of the way there and only have to fix it!!

    *sigh* I'm tempted to just hire someone.

  2. look into or the easiest way it to put up paypal buttons on your site that link right back to your pay pal. sign up for pay pal merchant, it is free - then you can use the buy it now or add to cart buttons. easy peasy cheesy!!!

    your hosting site should have an address you can use to ftp up to. just make sure you are not blocking the ftp port 21. A lot of times it is blocked for security purposes - espically in the windows world due to hacks.

    i'll help ya all i can