Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Adventures

I am so excited. My order from Rings & Things came in! (notice the tootsie roll did not make it long at all........)*shakes fist at RT for making her fat*

I am going in a different direction with some of my jewelry styles, and cant' wait for the new inspirations and new challenges. I love to re invent myself!

You can see what I got!


  1. It looks like you're going with my favorite metal - copper - can't wait to see the outcomes!

    Haven't done a whit of beading work. Went to Watchmen with husband today, long (but really good) movie. Came home and napped. Now I'm just sitting around feeling like a lump of goo.

    I sure hope I feel less enervated tomorrow.

  2. i won't be doing much myself - my brother and sister in law are in town for a few days. i went to see watchmen - *sigh* i fell asleep in it...

    my daughter got me started on the copper, she asked me to make her a couple necklaces that has copper and antiqued brass in it, and it has snowballed from there.

    we'll see where it goes!

  3. Yeah, I got a thing about copper too. Goes back to the 4th grade learning about tooling cooper with tongue depressors, right?

    I can hardly wait to see what you come up with with all your new goodies. Have some fun!

  4. copper is great! that sounds cheesy, but i'm being very serious