Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mama went shoppin'!

The bead shows are starting to appear regularly again at the fair grounds. Their prices are good, and they sell to the public; meaning you don't have to have a resale license and you are getting a better deal than if you went to a retail chain.

They are a lot of fun to go browse and chat. You can always find a deal if you are willing to look, and make some polite chatter. One of my favorite vendors was there Megan - O'Mega Gems. She always has great show specials, and a beautiful selection of a more higher quality stone.

I did good, I went in with a list, and stuck to it. I bought only what I needed for the custom orders that I have. It was hard *eyes roll back into head* - *shudder* - sooo tempting.

If you find a bead show in your area - GO! It is therapeutic. Trust me - you will understand when you run your hands thru piles of pearls.


  1. I just wish there wasn't miles and miles of freeway between me and the shows around here, because I think it would be a lot of fun.

    So is that a pic your new bead haul? What stone is the darker blue rondelle? I like those!

  2. yes this is my treasure from today. the blue stone is lapis. i got such a deal on it too. my mom has a necklace she loves, but the clasp is to busy for her. so i am going to lengthen it with these lapis beads. that way she can just pull it on over her head.

    maybe you could make an outting of the trip - go for a nice drive do some fun shopping and then go to dinner! that is how i get 'mine' to go with me. i always promise to buy him lunch somewhere!

  3. I thought it might be lapis - I love that stone. As for taking the DH along, he'd go for the lunch, but he really hates crowds. We go to the annual Art and Wine show here every year, but it's a quick loop around and then out for him, if I want to really shop, I go back later or on the second day. I'm going to just have to go it alone.