Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rusty's Reindeer

I was approached to create a piece for a birthday present. They wanted something bold, something orange, and something on a chain. I had recently gotten an order from FireMountainGems and used my new items to try and come up with something new.

From FireMountain I used:
H20-1780CH Chain, antiqued brass steel, 5x3mm twisted cable links.

H20-1093AS Mix, plated-findings, gold- and silver-plated over brass, copper and steel base metal. Sold per 1/2-pound pkg. (I LOVE THIS MIX!)

From Sedona Stones I used: (it appears that they have changed their inventory numbers so i can't link back to them -sorry)

L831 ONE Red Agate Kite Pendant, Top Drilled Front to Back, approx 14x59mm

KiloCarnelian2 One Kilo Assorted Carnelian Nuggets, Tumbled, approx 8-18mm 15-16 inch strands

Kilo_LampworkOne Kilo Assorted Handmade Lampwork Beads, approx 8-28mm (Love this!)

530104LCTOAB Swarovski Crystal Bicone, Light Colorado Topaz AB, 4mm 72 pcs(1/2 GROSS)/bag

530104CR Swarovski Crystal Bicone, Crystal, 4mm

This is the finished piece.