Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm an enabler

Ok, i'll admit it. I'm an enabler - I want everyone to bring their ideas and inspirations to life. I want to help build their confidence and encourage their creativity. So many people are afraid to work with their ideas. Maybe it is more the fear of failing that keeps ppl from trying. I hear it all the time - "Well if I were as creative as you." Let me tell you honey, you are. Just listen to yourself, it is there.

When I make jewelry I make it out of my ideas, dreams and inspirations. Ultimately, I hope that it will touch someone enuff they just have to have it. (what a compliment when someone hands you cash for your creation) But that is what I make, what about what you want when you are shopping. What if you don't see it. What if you find things simialar to what you are looking for, or you see a design but it is just not the right color. How can you make your visions come to life.

I love when ppl come up to me with sketches, or jewlery pieces they want a match for or they have a new blouse and want something to compliment it. I love to work with you, to see your ideas come to life. It is so fun to show someone my supplies, and say - "What exactly are you looking for" - and you see their eyes light up at all the potential scattered on the table. They begin to piece it together, these beads, these stones, those crystals, and this clasp.

It is so much fun to encourage people to design. They don't feel they have an artist bone in their body, but when the piece is finally complete, and they hug you for capturing exactly what they were wanting, throw a little reality back that them. They are the ones who created it, I just strung it. Then you see the gears turning in their head -"if I did this, what else can I do!?!??"

That is where these earrings came from. I was approached with a sketch and an idea, and they turned out fabulous!

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  1. Lovely post. The concept of being a positive enabler (since that term has gotten a bad rap) of other people's creativity (known or unknown to them) is something worth striving for.

    Cool earrings, too :-)