Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finding treasures

I found these on the road while i was out walking the dogs this morning -

Wonder if i can do anything with these - *think* * think*


I dug thru my glorious basket of randomness and found some fun things that didn't ness-seh-celery go together but they were fun none the less.

Here is what I came up with -

I used waxen linen cord and some ribbon for the necklace cord. I braided them together and added random beads into the braid. About half way thru, i slipped on the pendant and continued with the braid. The pendant is made of the washer some colored wire and beads.

closer look at the braids and beads :) (sometimes i get tickled, dont ask)

I put the ends thru a jump ring, and then folded them over and did a tight wrap to secure the end of the necklace.

Just a closer look at the focal.

we are going out tonite to celebrate our roommates b'day - i think i need to bust out the kilt and combat boots and wear this.

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