Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Choker Challenge - 4

This piece is made of lampwork beads with a dyed howlite focal wrapped onto the choker. The color of the choker inspired the dyed howlite focal. I love the barrel screw connector on this choker which allowed me to take a simple but bolder approach wiht the heavier beads.

This is the invenotry number from Rings and Things :

#52-030-18-24 Choker, Cable, 18" SmoothEnd (Turquoise/White)

choker challenge


  1. Hi Tish, as soon as I saw this design my finger automatically went click, click on the mouse...want...to...see...closeup! :) What a great pattern of alternating colors. It's so great to see what people are able to come up with when they're designing with these components!


  2. Wow - another wonderful design concept using the choker form. Those beads are wonderful and the wire wrapping technique is exactly right for the piece. Thanks Dave for tweeting the link!

  3. Gorgeous!! Those colors are perfect! Great technique!!