Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gallery countdown

The Arts Counsil show is soon, too soon

The jitters are setting in -

Do I have the right pieces
Are they set right
Are they good enuff
Will they be secure
Am I really doing the right thing

More and more questions and doubt run thru my mind.

We hang on Saturday, the pieces will display for a month and then life goes on.

This is a peek at what will be on display:

Mojave Sunset - Turquoise, coral, carnelian, rose quartz, sterling, amethyst

Luck Be a Lady - Vintage lead crystal (repurposed from my Grandmas necklace), Czech crystal, pearls, chalcedony,

Evenings Inspiration - Tourmalated quartz

Enchantment Song - beach glass and sterling


  1. Those are so lovely! I can't say about "will they be secure" but for all the other questions I say Yes! I wish I could come see them! Best wishes for a great show.

  2. Very beautiful! And you'll do fine. Stop stressin!