Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Challenge is Set!

I love a good challenge, and thanks to Rings and Things , I have one.

This is an ongoing project, so make sure to use the RSS feed at the left of the page so you don't miss out on any of the newest design updates!

Challenge 1: Choker cables.

The choker cables in these images have magnetic clasps. The clasp feels to be secure, but I think with a heavy pendant I would worry about it coming free. I like the idea of the barrel screw clasp better.

First thought with a choker cable is pendant. I love the cable, it holds its shape - unlike a chain or leather thong that drapes to the weight of the pendant. With a crew neck or scoop neck t-shirt, these cables keep the focus of the pendant up at your neck line. Truly fabulous. I have tons of pendants because I am a pendant wearer. I normally have them on a leather thong and in different links, depending on the type of shirt i am wearing. I also have a tendency to wear a shorter style necklace - and the choker cable is a great fit for that. (I feel a change coming on.) The clasp is small enough the bale slides over it easily giving me so much versatility. All I have to do is decide which pendant for which mood! I am impressed at the cable for keeping it shape with four pendants hanging from it!

pendants on choker cable

Pictured in this image - #52-000-15-9 Choker, Steel, Cable, 1mm, 15" (Black/White Clasp)

"That is too easy, TIsh!" I hear you say and, yes, I agree. What fun is a challenge if the outcome is predictable?

What can I do to create something different, w/o just sliding beads onto the cable?

*think* *think* *think*

I poked through my box of "glorious randomness" and found these fun vintage Czech glass beads. I chose these as the focal using an eye pin to secure them to the choker cable. The cable does slide around some, and it works the clasp toward the front. I wanted the design more stable, so I wrapped a copper wire around the cable and threaded on amethyst chips for an acent.

Here is the first, of five.

Restless Wend

choker challenge

Pictured in this image - #52-001-18-9 Choker, Steel, Cable, 1mm, 18" (Black/Gold Clasp)

Am wearing this one today, and have already been complimented!

proof in da puddin
To be continued......

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