Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finding inspiration

I find inspriation in everything around me. Whether I use the inspiration, that is another story. I keep a notepad with me so I can jot down design ideas, or make note of an interesting texture or color I see in passing. I have also been known to clip pictures and tuck them away to use another day. Soon my little notebook becomes a weatlh of idea referals when my idea pool is empty.

Another great source of inspiration are Soul Cards . A beautiful collection of prints by artist Deborah Koff-Chapin. The cards have no meaning - they are intended to inspire you. I have gifted several of my 'artist' friends these cards to have for those times when the creativity just won't flow.

One exercise I use after I have had a low point in creativity, is a recreate project. I use an image or an item and try to design a piece that imitates it, as opposed to being inspired by. I am a firm believer that creativity spawns creativity. This being said, more times than not, as I am doing this exercise, I have an idea for something else. I keep an inventory of base metal findings, mismatched jewlery, and odds and ends for these practice sessions. I do this as I don't want to waste sterling on an item that I may tear apart two or three times trying to get it right.

In the dreary throws of winter, I love looking at pictures of flowers in bloom. I takes me to a place in my mind where I want to be. Planting flowers and strolling through my yard enjoying them. Below is an image of the elder bloom, and the bracelet created from it.

elder bloom inspriation

elder bloom bracelet

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