Thursday, February 26, 2009

Way back machine

Taking a break from the jewelry and from the world right now - I was on YouTube falling deeper and deeper into the viral spiral. I found this commerical -

man it takes me back. Early 70's, schwin banana seat bicycles, water buffalo sandals, polyester, tyedye, glitter transfers, Freddie's Dead, Family Affair, Saturday morning cartoons, "These cahds ah mahked - They're a mess!" and soooo much more -....


  1. Yeah, notice the guys are all middle-aged (minimum). The one guy cleaning the grill was the Captain in Boogie Nights.

    WayBack Machine indeed. I used to actually eat at McDonald's back then.

  2. oh i know me too! back when i was young, thin and n-vince-a-bull!!! *sigh* now i just drive by one, and I have a mild stroke :)

    there are 2 of the guys in there that i recognize from bit parts here and there