Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's like bubble gum

I am thrilled - THRILLED at the product I just received. I am not a fan of shopping on line for supplies. Let's face it, you can't hand pick all the time. There are very few places I trust to give me the quality I demand. Bottom line, my reputation is on the line as an artist, and I have to have the product that reflects that.

One of the places I do trust is Sedona Stones, where these beads came from.

I am making a piece to be donated to a no kill shelter auction in April. In my mind I am thinking bold, colorful, Tabby :) I did some poking around as I normally do, look for something unique and special.

I found these:

Autumn Medley Multi Color Magnesite Nugget Chips, approx 10-20mm 15-16 inch #R643

The picture does not do them justice. I put the nickle in there to give a size representation. They are so vivid and BIG and shiney and random in size! I can't wait to work with them.

I want to eat them - They remind me of bubble gum.

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