Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Choker cable challenge

Chapter two. Bola Faux

I thought it would be fun to create an illustion of a bola (also known as a bolo) tie. I brought the ends of the leather together, made a pinch loop at the bend in the middle, and pushed the tails through the loop, attaching it to the cable. I then made a basic wire loop and attached it to the leather. This gives the look of the bola. Finally, I added embelishments to the ends and a turqoise teardrop. No self respecting bola can be without turquoise!

One thing I would recommend, if you are using heavy stones for the focal, use the choker cable that has the barrel screw connector instead of the magnetic. The magnectic connectors are very conveinent, but cannot support a lot of weight.

Rings and Things inventory number for the cable used in this piece is:
#52-52-090-20-1 Choker, Magnet, Cable, 1mm, 20"

This is a fun piece to wear with a scoop neck tee.

choker challenge

Or under the collar of your button-down shirt for that true bola look.

choker challenge

To be continued......

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