Friday, February 27, 2009

And now for something completely different - Delicately put

It all started with a search for a house. I love architecture - LOVE IT. I have had a house on my mind for a few days - I see it from time to time in films, can I describe it to you? Not with justice. It is a huge bungalow with a drive way over hang, deep porch and a lot of greenery. The type of house in the type of neighborhood that has been depicted by hollywood as 'typical'. The type that makes you feel warm and comfortable. That new-clee-your family kinda warmth.

I began to do google searches for 'film locations', 'houses in film' and so forth hoping to find an image of that house. No luck. The search turned into a house hunt in California. Mebbe I could find something similar for sale. As I found interesting houses, I sent their images to my daughter including the price and the square footage. It went from "oh how cute" to "OMG! SERIOUSLY!" (we type in caps a lot, we are kinda loud)

One house in particular in San Fran - 340k a month mortgage - *faints* Neither I nor she can fathom that type of money. Trying to understand what would be going out a month in mortgage sparked a conversation. If you had that kind of money - what kind of a difference could you make to your community by donating.

It all goes downhill from here - random bits of thought patterns and excuses -

Being that I have never had that type of money, would I understand the responsibilities that come with it. I do understand that I do not need a 20k sq ft house, a Bentley, yacht, or vacation home I have that wonderful guilt complex that all needs to be right in the world. If i can't help the world, I can help my corner. Can someone like me, have that kind of money? If I won the lottery would I be able to pay for my needs and give the rest away. Would it corrupt me and my simple lifestyle to where I would need to lavish accommodations?

What a strong sentence - Would it corrupt me -. On the surface it sounds like I think having a lot of money would make me corrupt or not a good person. I am turning that question inward to myself. Corrupt, change from the original version - as in would I change or be different than what I am now.

I think, yes - I would be different.

My daughter sums it up -

i could open an animal shelter

and a coffee shop (for homeless)

and an after school program

and get a 67 shelby GT Me -*blink* *blink*

My response -

I like how you can do so much for everyone with a 67 shelby :)

Her response -

it would bring joy to so many hearts

In the words of Cyndi Lauper -

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