Monday, February 23, 2009

Wrap me up

I played with wire yesterday.

This is an easy pendant style, with a wire wrapped look. The pendant is a bead, so you make a wire wrapped loop at one end - feed it thru the bead, and make a wire wrapped loop at the other. The extra wire you can create a design with, and then secure it at the top loop with a couple quick wraps.

This is autumn jade with a turquoise and crystal drop.

I made several loops of wire around a pen to create a coil. Snipped along the top of the coil to make jump rings. Soldered the rings closed and then added a wrapped piece of turquoise.

I call this one Spiders Garden. I was playing with the idea, and regret that I didn't use a base metal wire for practice. I am not sure it will stay this way. This may be the first prototype. It was a lot of fun but it needs more work. I found an earring, snipped of the post, threaded wire thru the gallery of the setting, and then went wrap crazy :)

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