Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finally gettin round to it

While on vacation Jo (daughters nickname) and I went to several little antique and resale shops in her downtown area. Fun little main street, so much to look at. We were at one counter and it was 'OH, I need that!' 'Mom look at this!' 'This is fantastic! I can't live without this!' We went on and on till we had drawn a crowd to see what we were ooohhh'n and awww'n about. Trying on necklaces and three pairs of clip on earrings at the same time, we tried to get an idea of which were the best. We could have been our own game show. We would squeal and clap with delight at each new find.

Contestant number one, look what you have won!!!!

I poked around with a purpose. I am looking for display ideas, and older pieces to use in my re purpose project. I am thrilled with what I found.

I guess it is because I have taken such an interest in it, I am noticing it more. I see more and more repurposed pieces of jewelry. It is exciting to me to breath new life into some of those tired wore out pieces. The combinations of old and new is a great mash up of era and culture. It can educate new buyers to a costume jewelry past that may help them connect to someone in their family. *cue sappy music, I am on a roll* It may spark a conversation of 'What was it like when you were my age' and bring a family closer. Re purposed jewelry can bring peace and harmony!

What have you done with re purposed jewelry? Does it have a meaning or a story with it? Pull up a chair, I'll grab the wine, tell me bout it!!!!

Here are my spoils..

Here is a close up of the goodies.

There are two glass hands, and all the goodies are in an old doll bed. What in the world are you going to do with a doll bed!?!!?!?!

Stay tuned kids!


  1. Fabulous haul! And I can already imagine a dozen ways to use that doll bed.

    I love those green beads in the close up pic - can't wait to see what you do with them!

  2. Great treasures! How fun! I love those green beads too! I was just looking at the hands on Dawno's blog and wondering where she found those. I guess I need to get out to some flea markets!

    I have a bag full of "vintage" jewelry pieces and think I need to get involved in a challenge in order to force myself to make something with them.

  3. i love those green beads three!! i am really having a hard time popping them to use in a project. I may just sit and look at them for awhile