Wednesday, April 8, 2009

That duck has taken wing

Remember that duck? That depressed duck? I'll refresh your memory -

These little guys came out of a glueable challenge from Rings & Things. It was a happy mistake and I was sure I would find use for them later. Well as luck would have it, I did.

I toss and turn alot in my sleep thinking, planning, plotting the next day and the next project. Alot of my ideas come to me as I dream, and I wake up and jot them down, or I just get up and start to work. I was mulling over these damn'd buttons, obsessing. There were'nt sturdy enuff to be a real button, they would have been cute as an accent button on a purse, hat or corner of a skirt, but it wasn't right, something wasn't right with my thought process.

Stay away from the button...

Then it hit me - the ducks take flight, and their feathers ruffel in the breeze. hrm... *think* *think* I don't have any feathers. This doesn't look like a real duck tho - so it don't have to look like real feathers, it just needs to represent a movement....hrm.....*think* *think*


Taken Flight -

I tied the buttons on with waxed linen cord and tied on several pieces of the cord between the buttons and knotted a crystal onto the end of each.

I tied the two ends thru the last button and used it as the 'clasp'. It is a pull it over your head type necklace. I have work it with a black crew neck and blue is really cute!!!!!

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  1. It's perfect. Called my daughter in to see it, she loves it, too. The ducks can't be depressed anymore, though, on such a cool necklace.