Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't limit yourself

It is easy to paint yourself into a corner, so to speak with your designs. You can get comfortable with making a certain style, you know it sells, so lets not knock it. Right?

When you look at your supplies, can you see your customer base? Is it somewhat predictable? Just by adding two more components, inexpensive ones at that, to your kit, you have the potential to double your customer base.

Yup, 2 things.

Leather and elastic.

Leather will allow you to make necklaces and bracelets that appeal to a more casual customer and also to men. OMG! you just became unisex! How trendy of you!

Elastic will allow you to create great bracelets that are just as elegant but easy to slip on over your hand for customers who do not like to deal with clasps, or may not be able to anymore due to arthritis.

But I can't tie knots! I hear you don't have to. Use your crimp beads. More than likely after the crimp is in place, it will be hidden by a bead in the design.

is Magic!

Two little things can open up your business to so much more - What if you found three things...the sky is the limit kids!!

I have male customers now that I think I never would have had, had it not been for my unisex line. Several of my male customers love to have a piece that compliments their female counter parts jewelry. This is great fun for me to take a design and bulk it up as a 'companion' piece to some of my other necklaces.

This is the latest custom order for a 'his and hers'.

for her - faceted smokey quartz and turqoise

for him - tigers eye and turquoise with vintage bear claw accents


  1. Great advice, am going to buy some leather this weekend!

    Love those necklaces - those vintage bear claw accents are quite a find!

    Would you like to be interviewed for a guest appearance on my blog? Been thinking about doing that for a while and I'd love to have you as my first featured artist.