Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Be a Star! A Bead Star!

Bead Star magazine is taking submissions for their 2009 issue. There are several categories -

Heart designs
Seed beads
Under $25

They are taking submissions up until May 1, 2009, but are having an 'early bird' special if your entries are in by April 24, 2009.

"But I can't submit my stuff" I hear you say. Sure you can! Don't be afraid to submit your pieces. There is never failure in trying. You only fail when you let these opportunities pass you by. It is a learning experience.

Submit your pieces, learn from the experience, watch what they are picking, stretch yourself to a new teck-neek, or a new style. You will not grown in your craft if you do not change it up. The general rule of thumb is for every 10 no's you get, you will get 1 yes. If you have never submitted before, don't expect your first piece to get in, but get your stuff out there. Be consistant in your entries, they will notice you, and soon begin to look forward to your entries.

Here is the submission form!!! Go get em!!! keep me posted!
Submission form

On a side note. This morning I worked up a new piece with the left over lava stones. I used them as an accent to a firey summer piece. The focal glass pendant is from my mom and the many spoils I brought home with me from vacation. I for get what it is called - Muriano? (help me here)

Filigree Harvest, filigree beads (4mm and 8mm) and lava stones (roundells and round) from Rings & Things,
Carnelian chunks from Sedona Stones,
And a bunch of repurposed items to fill it out. It seem appropriate to have the lava stones with a red piece.

Aestas the goddess of summer

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  1. You posted this to give me a well deserved kick in the butt, right? I've been going back to that contest time and again trying to work up the nerve!

    Love the new necklace - fun, funky and oh, that focal!