Monday, April 20, 2009

Re Purpose project

While I was at my moms we went thru box after box of 'stuffs' she has collected over the years. I need a month to show you everything I brought home with me.

Back in the 70's my mom use to make costume jewelry christmas tree wall hangings. She would push the twinkle lights thru holes in the cardboard and it would light up. The twinkle lights would reflect off of all the rhinestones and quite honestly could put somones eye out :)

Any one remember these? I found this pic on line - Glorious I tell you! I am so digg'n her hair too. Man, I miss the 70's

While we were diggn, we found a box of odds and ends. Costume jewelry left over from those christmas tree days. I squealed when I saw it.

This morning over coffee the idea hit me, I came up with this.

Paisley crazy

The purple coins are dyed crazy lace agate from Sedona Stones.

And yes, I am wearing it :)


  1. I don't remember ever seeing that craft - and I was a teen in the 70's. I guess we were just too far out of the mainstream out on an AF Base in the middle of the desert. The hair, though, yeah, that I remember! I'm going to have to scan a picture of me and my sister with matching bubble-do's one of these days and post it up on my blog.

    Gorgeous bracelet - love the colors and those large purple lentil beads are beautiful. What are they made of/from? I'd wear that with pride! I gotta find me a stash of cool costume jewelry somehow.

  2. yard sales, flea markets. there is sooooo much out there. some of it is really pricey if it is intact. alot of times you can by the mismatched for a song.

    the purple beads are dyed agate. I guess i should have put that in there but i was in a hurry to knock this out.

    i'll update that now, thanks Dawno!

  3. I love the purple bracelet. I'm feeling a little envy.....but what's getting me through it is feeling how much you love it too!

  4. i would LOVE to have one of those xmas trees!!!