Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday quickie

Are business cards important to your business?
Do you think they are needed?
Do you think they honestly make an impression or are they a waste of space?

I recently got mine at Overnight Prints and am very happy with them. I just found out about Visaprint - they have 42 styles to choose from for free (pay for shipping) and the styles are awesome, and the quality is really nice.

I have business cards
They are simple and to the point
I never leave home without them.
They are more important than just to pass on information about my business.
They are scratch paper
They can be folded and used to steady a table
They can be used as a substitute for dental floss
They can be used to smash spiders on your dash to save your life
The corners can be used to clean under your finger nails
They can be used as book marks
They can be used to scrape the frost off of your windshield...

The list goes on,

So to answer my questions, yes my business cards are very important to me.

Your turn..


  1. I keep thinking they're important, but I keep leaving them somewhere other than the bag I have when I meet someone I'd like to give my card to.

    I make my own with Avery glossy micro perf'd biz card stock. Turn out pretty nice, too.

  2. Sorry for the serial comments - but I wanted you to know that I just posted that I chose you for a "Kreativ Award" on my blog. Thank you for having such a giving, sharing and inspirational blog!