Sunday, April 5, 2009


Took the day off yesterday from all things work and took a field trip to the city. I have been looking forward to this pillow fight, and I was not let down. I was down that James couldn't come with his bear but he was home with bron-ky-tis. Nelson came with me sporting his 'num - num's' I made for him.

Nelson ans his numb - chucks

Pre fight warmups -

He is serious about this.

Me - not so good


Crowd starts to gather.


Once the fighting started Nelson and I were in the thick of it. So much fun. I dropped out quick to take some pictures. In the crowd that had gather see 'what the heck was going on' there were tons of kids. You could see in their faces they wanted to join in. I held up my pillow and yelled 'Who's with me!' This little guy ran up w/o giving it two thoughts, tagged me for an offfical pillow hand off and was in - That started the bystander rotation. Glorious I say - glorious - I love to enable :)

So much going on

Nelson shows no mercy - he is trying to take out that kid!!!!

There goes a bystander now

Someone yelled - On your knees! - and the whole crowd obeyed and the fight continued!

My turn!

If you ever hear of a pillow fight in your area GO!! we had the best time!!!!!


  1. Definitely looks like a *very* good time was had by all.

    Love those socks, btw - did you dye them yourself?

  2. what a good time!
    yeah... those socks are certainly worth viewing...
    you have too much fun... love it.