Friday, April 3, 2009

Have pillow will travel

Interesting title, we will get to that in a bit - but first!!

Thanks Rings & Things!

I got such a surprise last nite when I went up to the mailbox. Inside was a small manilla envelope.....from RINGS AND THINGS!!! It is Aprils blog challenge! I was not expecting this at all! A few days ago on the R/T blog the post was about what do you use for your displays - I thought that was going to be the challenge and what a good one too. BUT NO!!!

*wags her finger at Dave* You are so berry berry sneaky!

Check this out - all these awesome lava beads and "swar-ski" crystals!! I know I am going to shoot my wad and use every piece on one design. I have it knocking around in my head already. And yes - the tootsie roll wrapper, missing the candy. It never fails - I dump the contents of the pkg onto the table, scramble for the tootsie roll first, cram it in my mouth and then rummage thru the goodies that have been sent, all the while making little humming noises while i chew chew chew in happiness............

Ok, now back to the title - I want to stop you here - if you are easily offended at anything, right now just close the blog. If curiosity has gotten the best of you, don't say i didn't warn ya.

March 22 was world wide pillow fight day. Tomorrow Raleigh and several other cities have opted to do it again. You know us southeners - we move at our own pace but we get what needs to be getting done.

Moore Square Mayhem

I am not going to pass up this fun flash mob event. They encourage costumes and fun pillows.
*think* *think*
I am not taking a couch cushion when I can make a fun pillow.

So that is what I did.

I modeled them after the dolls I make - Insert Karma Kritter plug.

My karma kritters and their minis, backpack buddies, are a hit at a local gallery/frame shop. They are colorful stupid little reminders that someone thought enuff of you to give you a goofy gift. That is their intent. I took that idea and upscaled them. James wanted a bear. He wanted a funny roaring bear with claws and fangs and - an-eh-tom-ick-lee correct....*ponders* It is a family event, so I challenged myself to do something that made James happy with his rude bear, but was abstract enuff that it would not appall..offend yes, but not appall. here is his bear - (thus the warning)

Mine, I based on my favorite cartoon -Johnny Quest - Sing it with me - "nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nahnut nahnut nah nah" ... you know you are singing it in your head.

*side note* My biggest heartbreak of my life was when I found out that Race Bannon was a cartoon and I could never grow up to marry him......

Ok, remember the episode where there was an invisible ghost/monster. It wrecked havoc everwhere but no one knew what it was, and then Dr. Quest had the great idea to throw paint ballons or something at it so they could see it?!?! remember!?!?! and it was a big one eye'd monster..remember!!! well i know why he was all crabby and tearing things up, he was married to this.....

Have a great one Kids!!!!


  1. Love those - and the last one, reminds me of me...well, I have two eyes (hazel not blue) but that dangling cigarette...let's just say I'm still trying to get around to quitting...

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the pillow fight, wish I were going!

  2. PAH!! That is so funny!!! because the last one is partly a bit of me too :) i knew we were kindred spirits!!!

    will take pics at the pillow fight and post them next week