Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wrap it up - I'll take it!

Hey kids lets talk about packaging today. I like to make the packaging that holds my pieces just as fun as the piece itself. When my customers get their orders, they have nice little 'gifts' wrapped up with that personal touch. It is perfect for those items bought as gifts, being it is already wrapped.

When I first started, this was the packaging I used and got such raves about it, that I thought it was time to bring it back. I got away from this practice when I was sharing the business with friends for continuity's sake, and am glad I am back to it.

It is all about utilizing what is around you, making it personal and showing that little bit of extra effort. Don't settle for an organza bag - everyone is doing it. Your art is a one of a kind, why not make your packaging the same.

i have a bunch of fabric scraps -

Cut a circle - oh, say - about 5 inches across for this example

I use embrodery floss for my thread. it comes with 6 threads to a strand, typically i separate it in half - and just use 3 strands. Pick a coordinating color. coordinating color for me means first one i pick

Measure your floss to about double the width of the circle. thread your needle, knot the tail of your thread so you don't pull it thru and start a running stitch around your circle

you can allow your material to gather on the needle as you work. don't make it perfect, you want it to have personality.

When the needle is full, push the fabric out onto the thread and continue around your circle.

Go all the way around your circle with the running stitch. Now you want to give it a tag. I printed my little slogan on card stock several times to fill the sheet.

now i take my scrapbooking star punch and punch out the tags.

position the slogan in the punch


Now push the needle thru the tag, and push the tag till it is against the fabric. Pull the needle from the thread and knot the tail.

Pull your strings together to gather up the material and make a little pouch. Tie a bow and you are set!!!

Fun packaging made easy!


  1. say like pat - 'you're so clever, you're so smart!'

    now say it like devon

    PAHAHAHAHA *snort*