Monday, August 10, 2009

Fashion show and 'Purpose Pendants'

The last couple of weeks I have been focusing on getting inventory up for the show I did on Saturday. Now that it is done, I start work on making pieces for a fashion show at the end of the month. I want the pieces to be a great accessory, but also make a statement. I began to sort through my beads and categorize them out into groups so I can begin building.

I found this and squealed, how can I go wrong with this!! I am really excited about this one in particular. Last month I placed an order to Rings & Things to get components for a special order. While I was shopping for the pieces parts I found this Chevron Glass Bead, 30mm Round. It makes my heart happy. It was on closeout, I couldn't let it go and take a chance of it not being here when I 'got around to shopping for myself'. So I snagged it up. and boy howdy am I pleased!

I couldn't say no. I love it so!!!

Here is a better picture to give you an idea of the size of this baby - Look how beautiful!!!

I paired it up with this great bead assortment, since I had a blast working with the bead assortment that was sent as part of the blogger challenge. I have an idea in my head, off center, and multi stranded of course :) I should have it ready to go in a couple of days.

I have started making what I call "Purpose Pendants" The pendants are themed by the quality of the stones. I didn't want to call them talismans because that word carries so much baggage. I wanted to make a line of pendants that served a purpose. When you wear them you are aware of the theme intended for that pendant, and hopefully that pendant will make you aware of those qualities and help you through your day.

Peace in the Wend
Laboradorite - peace
Turquoise - peace
Citrine - peace
Moonstone - peace

Love in Abundance
Amethyst- eases money issues and leads to abundance
Carnelian - good luck
Pearl - faith
Garnet - love
Citrine - success

Off to put more stuff up on the site.

Till tomorrow kids!


  1. Surely looking forward to more collections at you end.

  2. Tish, it's going to be a nice experience working on the Purpose pendants. Hope you'll share more of these! I picture a small card printed up on your computer telling the qualities of each bead...


  3. Thanks Dave - I actually do that :) I make an information card and tie it to the jewelry with ribbon. It has been a great selling point.

    Great minds think alike :)