Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Developing your own style

I have been reading about "developing your own style" on Home Jewelry Business Success Tips site.

It is something I have been struggling with for some time. There are pluses to both. Developing a style and being recognized is quite the compliment but then you deal with a feeling of being limited or how to you ensure longivity?

If you expierement with several techniques is it possible to master them all? Do you specialize in one as a primary but still have a smattering of your other trials?

Part of me is vain enuff that I, think how cool would it be if someone were to see a necklace and say - oh wow that has to be a Just A Tish!

I don't want to be trapped with one style, I want to do it all!! I want to be self sufficient. I want to make professional looking clasps, ear wires, and set cabs. I think I lean more toward silver smithing than anything. But at the same time, I love stringing. Combining the two would be the perfect world for me I think - for now :)

In doing it all - the cost is outrageous, for what I want to do any ways. I need a workspace separate from my house. I need a torch, and a bench, and a grinding wheel, and a professional tumbler.

My husband says pick one thing and do it well

I think about this and there is a lot of weight to what he sez. I was looking thru my inventory and I think I have taken his words to heart. My inventory leans way toward necklaces than anything else. I make necklaces more than anything, most likely because I like to wear necklaces more than anything. Earrings are a bit boring to me - they are fun and cute, but i feel limited. Braceltes, are small necklaces for your wrist, if you think about it. They need to be smaller and more functional, due to the amount of people now that have desk jobs and typing and bracelets do not seem to mix from what I have been told.

Necklaces on the other hand, well other than the weight factor, can be so much. They can be snug at your neck or dance around your navel. Over the years, I have noticed I tend to make multistrand, bulky necklaces. I have the best time expressing an image or thought in my head thru necklaces.

So I will say, I have found my style, and I at the moment have not limited my self.

My style is necklaces. What is yours?

Some of my latest work


  1. I really love the colors you chose for these designs. Very lush! They remind me of a visit to the Seattle Aquarium and seeing all these boldly colored fish and anemones. I stood hypnotized by their dazzling colors and beauty.

    Thanks for sharing these designs!


  2. I know what you mean about finding a style! Thank you for sharing your thought process and your designs!

  3. I think it's interesting and very possible that a third party can probably distinguish someone else's design style way before the actual designer. I think I could pick out your gorgeous necklaces in a challenge! You have a wonderful and perfect style!