Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Quickie - Filler

I have a show on Saturday and am really excited about it. I have been working putting together new displays and a new look for the booth. I think it will be nice. As I was arranging and pricing new items I looked at my earring board. It was sad and lonely. I didn't like a lot of the earrings that were there, I have had them for a while, and in my mind they are 'dated'. I removed the earrings I was not happy with, and now there are holes in the display.


So I sat down this morning and whipped up what I call filler. Filler are the items that are easy and inexpensive to make but still have a great quality about them. They make the booth appear fuller, they have a nice shine to them, so they are eye catching (magpies love them too), they are priced just right as to not detract from the higher end pieces, and this allows a broader customer base to shop. Although the money is nice, I can't have a 'target' customer base of rich people. I want everyone to walk in and find something they like, that is beautiful and in a comfortable price range. Putting the filler in the mix will also allow the customer to buy something without having to justify the purchase and more than likely they will come back for that higher priced item when an occasion rolls around for gift giving or they just want to splurge on themselves a bit.

That said, here is a handful of the filler earrings, priced at $8. Now to get them on cards and hung :)

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  1. Oh wow, I'm a little envious that you are doing a show...I miss it sometimes! Good luck! Make sure to post some pics of your display if you get a chance. I always forgot to take pictures!