Sunday, August 9, 2009

Womens Morning Out Sale

What a blast I had yesterday. I was nervous as all get out, moreso about the new booth look (simple but still creative) and after it was set up, it wasn't so bad.

I got SO many compliments on the booth from vendors and customers. I tried a different approach. Instead of having only display boards and T-bars, I had things laid out and used different props for displays. It let the customers browse the full effect of the jewelry at a glance as opposed to getting a side view from a T-bar. Success. My booth was busy!

This is what it looked like:

I was thrilled to be placed next to the window, the sunlight complimented my pieces so well.

Some close up shots. I used the issues of Bead Trends I was in as part of the display. It made a great conversation starter with the customers. My T-bars are getting worn and ratty. Instead of buying new ones, I wrapped them in fabric. The stoic white of the jewelry counter look just doesn't go, so why invest in new, when the stability of the T-bars are just fine. I like the eclectic look and I think it compliments my style of jewelry.

It was a small venue, set up in the club house of a planned community of over 700 houses (that is bigger than the town I grew up in) This is a regular event and in the past has drawn a nice crowd. I met some wonderful people and made some excellent contacts. I have been picked up by two businesses in a neighboring town, and have been invited to be in an art merchants event later in the fall. I have to get busy!!!!

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  1. oh yeah ma- the setup is really great. i think it's really inviting, and would make me want to walk up and see what was going on with the jewelry.