Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Matisse - Revisited Redux

One of last months blog posts - My Matisse - was the ArtBeads Blogger group entry. The blogger group was given a choice of hand painted pendants. Artist Masterpiece Pendants. A glorious selection of hand painted pendants by Russian artisan reflecting such greats as Mucha, Picasso and yes, Matisse.

Browsing this selection was a tough one. They are all beautiful, no, stunning. To know the work that goes into these mini masterpieces and then to see the quality, is breathtaking.

Saying that, when I received my pendant, I wanted to do it justice as well. I wanted to include my blue lady in a necklace that was as elegant and stunning as her.

Here is a list of the components to refresh your memory -

30x40mm Rectangle Black Onyx Matisse - Blue Nude - ArtBeads
White jade roundells - Sedona Stones
Faceted black crystal roundells - Firemountain Gems
Lapis roundells - O'Mega Gems
6mm blackstone - Firemountain Gems
Silver plated Oval Link Chain - ArtBeads
Silver plated 3 Strand + 3 Link Chain - ArtBeads

And here is the original:

I was thrilled with it..........for a while. I admit, I am fickle. I wore it once and hung it up. As much as I liked it, it just wasn't me. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't know why I didn't make it for me, for how I feel, make it to reflect my interpretation of the beautiful blue lady.

I needed to make it for me, because this is a piece I am planning on keeping. This isn't something I had planned on selling. Granted the cost of the pendant was given to me, it wasn't a cost that I would have to recoup, but in the same breath, if I did sell it, and got an order for another one, I more than likely would not make my money back on it. It isn't that the pendant is too much - it is beautifully hand painted and the quality is exquisite, I just feel it is something that I would work with more as a gift than as something for my inventory.

This morning I did just that - I reconstructed the piece for me. I kept the original layer of jade and lapis, and removed the rest. I made a strand of seed beads and blackstone, and a strand of lapis chips, citrine and snowflake obsidian, braided them all, put the clasp in the front and added the Matisse.

Here is the redux, and she is a keeper

*whew* That is so much more comfortable!


  1. This is so great and of course, what a nice picture and smile!

  2. Thanks Lisa! I couldn't hide the fact that I was very happy with this go round :)