Thursday, August 13, 2009

Artist showcase

Along with the Artist exchange I also have another idea brewing. It is nothing new - just putting a different twist on it.

If you have ever heard of Everyday Matters, this idea is based on that. Everyday Matters is a challenge to do something creative everyday. The group focus is on drawing and creating illustrated journals. 365 topics are presented and you draw the topic and then post a link in their group and share it with everyone.

Why can't beaders do this?!?!

What I want to do is challenge you to create one item a week. (making beaded items everyday can get overwhelming) I will have 52 themes/topics presented, along with pictures to help encourage your imagination. I will have a flickr/photobucket, some kind of account set up for you to post to with a brief description of your piece and how you gathered your inspiration.

Once a week I will go thru them and feature on my blog several of the pieces and give one artist a 'spotlight'.

There will be more I am sure, this is just the initial brain dump - I would love to set up something where the designer agrees that if the item created in the challenge sells, that money is donated to a charity, but deciding on a charity, or a group of charities to choose from is difficult. Or judging for prizes - you see where I am going.

I will have a rough draft up on Tues next and start spreading the word then.

1 comment:

  1. You are just full of great ideas - I love this one too!

    Awaiting Tuesday to see how this idea develops!