Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Awakening Change

I am so excited about this. I took several pieces over to the dress rehearsal last nite, and they loved them!! They want more!!

I will be making pieces for 8 mebbe 9 runway models, and I am stoked!

Here is a few of the ones they picked -

And a little bit about Awakening Change -

AwakeningCHANGE is a local non-profit performance group, since March 24th, 2009. Our mission is to provide education as a means to conquer the divides that isolate individuals and communities from each other by establishing common ground and encouraging compassion for all people. We look to inspire respect for the earth and the inhabitants we share our planet with. Our messages of awareness, responsibility and change for greater humanity are driven by raw emotion and are communicated through performance, art, media and conversation.

“Through performance art, we want to enable the audience to look within their hearts and minds, to really get involved with what they could do to broaden their understandings of love and humanity, as well as how they can help others find hope and commonality," says Kegan Rushing, Director and Founder of AwakeningCHANGE.

We seek strength through unity, love through community, and justice through humanity. More than that, we want the audience to find their voice and lend it to those who haven't. We are meant to inspire each other, empower each other, and learn from one another.

presents Runway: Revolution, at Steel Blue on Friday, August 28th, similar to last year’s very popular Gender Blur. This year we will be highlighting pioneers of change throughout history, such as Mandy Carter and Mangus Hirshfield. Of course, with our gender bending twists! Admission is based on a sliding scale $7-$10.

In addition to the Runway, our performances include incredible dance, amazing costumes, original set design, dynamic new music, poetic spoken word, creative art, innovative photography, and more - produced by a community of friends and family, tackling issues of racism, sexism, violence, environmentalism, homophobia, transphobia, mental illness, forgotten historical struggles, hope and strength.