Friday, June 17, 2011

Kicking and Screaming - Bad Photo Day

*beats head against monitor*

Found some time this morning for me - *queue Mormon Tabernacle Choir* so I took advantage of it and made some new things.
Once again I struggled with the pictures...

How can I use a flash and they come out so dark???

I hunkered down and learned abit more about manipulating the color with Gimp

Light box Schmite box...............
Little better, but the contrast really mucks with the image and it is grainy.........

This one came out a little better.

God it felt good to sit at my workbench again! I have been wanting to work with these pendants for some time. I got them from my good friend Davinia of Back Pocket Designs. I love her work so much. My daughter has claimed the first one :) is doing a daily give away for $100 - I keep checking my numbers - one day it will be mine and I know where I will be shopping :)

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  1. I got such a thrill to see some of my pendants made into gorgeous pieces of jewelry, thanks for showcasing them Tish. You rock!!!!