Friday, June 3, 2011

Artist Introduction - One Way To Do It

There are many ways to get your creations out there. Pounding the streets with business cards is one way - and can be scary for some. Joining business societies is another. One approach I have used, is doing google searches for local galleries, consignment shops, co ops in the area and emailing them an introduction letter. Do your research - go to their site, and look at the items they have posted. Make a comment about those items that you love in the introduction. Tell something about yourself, about your work, about your goals, awards, publications, other stores you are in and show examples of your work.

Here is an example of the letter I sent out, it has got me in two stores in the area -


I have visited the site for your store and the items you have listed are wonderful! The peculiar pets are a scream! I would love to have the opportunity to bring my pieces by to be considered for display/sale in your store.

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Tish McDermott and I am a local jewelry artist. I have had the wonderful opportunity to have been shown , at The Arts Council of Farmville, NC in March 2009 and also the Arts Council of Holly Springs, NC in April, 2009.

My pieces have been consistently seen in Bead Trends magazine from Sept of 2008 to October of 2010, and also online at Locally, I have pieces for sale at Gifts With A Heart in Cary, NC and Tirza’s Imports in Apex, NC. I also have a presence at Let It Grow in Winston - Salem, NC. Most recently my designs were seen on the runway at Awakening C.H.A.N.G.E – Runway Revolution.

Bead Trends

Flashes of Autumn – As seen at Awakening Change – Runway Revolution

My line of pendants

Approaching your store, is the first step to broadening my audience, and giving my pieces more exposure.

Please feel free to visit my site at or my Facebook page Just A Tish

Thank you for your consideration,

Tish McDermott

Just A Tish Designs

Another you may consider is sending an actual letter with a sample of your work. That is what I am doing for the more upscale boutiques that are out of the area.

Good Luck!!

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