Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Additions to the Just A Tish Inventory

I have added tumbled stones, crystals and other stone formations to my festival line up. It is fun to have a natural specimen of the stones that are in my jewelry. Gives a different perspective to what actually is in the jewelry that I make.

These bookends are huge geodes, that are sliced and dyed. The outter ring is agate, and the inner is quartz. I love how the dye shows the layers and the designs of the stone.

Did you know:
Agate is noted in to be a good protective energy stone, especially for children, and very calming and soothing. It is reported to give courage, energy, strength, and dispels fears, all of which increase self-confidence. It is said to lessen feelings of envy by grounding the emotions. Agate is also for resolving bitterness and resentments. It is also called and believed to be a stone of harmony.Quartz is a power stone that harmonizes and balances. It enhances energy and thoughts, and purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical. It is also a powerfully protective stone, bringing the purified energy in.

I love these salt lamps!!! They are natural formations, attached to a base, with a hole drilled into the bottom that will house a small bulb attached to an electrical cord that you can plug in and enjoy it's soft glow.

There are great benefits to a salt lamp.

Did you know:

Negative ions have long been considered healthy; the sea air, mountain air and the air around swiftly running water is high in negative ions. Indoor air, recirculated air, and air around electronic equipment is very low in negative ions. Many office workers who suffer health complaints around fluorescent lighting and computer monitors report considerably less fatigue and headaches if the concentration of negative ions in the air is increased. Why negative ions may be beneficial is only partially understood.

It has been shown that negative ions in the air bind with airborne pollutants, making them heavier so that they fall to the ground, and therefore are unavailable to be inhaled. Many modern air purifiers - the so-called 'ionic air cleaners - use this technique to provide cleaner indoor air for allergy sufferers. Some studies seem to indicate that an increase in negative ions in the air increases bloodflow to the brain, which would have the effect of improved concentration. The salt lamp is an attractive alternative to the utilitarian look of an air purifier.

The amount of negative ions a salt lamp can release depends on its size and how warm the candle or lightbulb can make it. The larger the crystal, obviously, the more expensive the lamp, but the larger area it can provide with negative ions. Salt lamps that produce 'night-light' amounts of light can provide ions to an area equal to the average office cubicle.

I have more fun items, and when I learn to use my light box, I will post more!!

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