Sunday, June 19, 2011

Take That! Whoopin up on my camera

Ok - so - 125 shots later - I got these.

My good friend Davinia has been kind enuff to be supporting me via emails with suggestions and helping me trouble shoot why in tarnation I can't shoot a decent image.

Seems there are tons of settings on my camera, it isn't the point and shoot I thought it was. James pushed me out of the chair, brought up the menu and changed a bunch of the settings. How did he know how to do this? Hrm.....I have a manual somewhere............

This is a fun summer sizzler. Vintage button, painted aluminum chain, vintage crystal, faceted glass and that wonder focal made by Davinia of Back Pocket designs.

.......I hate it when he is right.........
Still not perfect but so much more better than what it was.

Whimsical chain bracelet to accent the necklace, with a wonderful Back Pocket Design focal.

I am kinda diggin on that bottle.

I will keep moving forward and learning this camera!!!!!

What is your least favorite part off the jewelry making, marketing, publishing, selling, posting process, and how did you over come it?


  1. These look fabulous. You know the old saying, 'when in doubt read the instructions' mind you, if your anything like me you need an instruction book to decipher the instructions in the instruction book!!!!!

  2. I've been watching your photography progression, and while it pains me to see anyone struggle and fight with their camera, it did offer some reassurance that I'm not the only one that has a less than "loving" relationship with my camera. These photos look great! I still haven't overcome my camera woes, but I get an okay pic occasionally. I think time and ton of photos is what has helped most, but I still dread "camera time" in my list of crafting chores.

  3. Those are so cute! I like how you used the bottle.

    I hate the picture taking process, too. Setting it up, trying for "artistic" photos, editing them, taking about 30 pictures for a couple of decent ones...That takes longer than the project does!