Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rings & Things Bead Tour and Give Away Winner!

First let me say - YAY!! to Lisa of Pine Ridge Treasures! Your name was drawn for the give away from my blog! Can't wait to see what you do with the random goodness coming your way!

Yesterday before work - I stopped by the Rings & Things Bead Show in Durham.

So much goodness - I can't begin to tell you. I do a good amount of my shopping online, but what a treat to be able to see it all up close and in person

I love the bowls of candy placed strategically throughout the show - helps keep your stamina up while shopping!

Laurae checked me out - what a sweetie. I asked if I could take her picture and she said 'sure' then added 'just don't take a picture of me' I laft - and she was awesome enuff to play along!

I went to get just chain, but as you see, the temptations were just too great! I am in love with the dyed, matte finished agates! LOVE!!!

All this in 30 minutes - I was on a mission! Are they coming to your town? What would you buy?


  1. I'm so jealous. What a haul of beady, chainy goodness. When I win Powerball I'm coming over and you and I are going to hit every bead store within a 100 mile radius.

  2. Yea! I am so excited about winning the giveaway. Already planning some cool jewelry. Thanks again for your generosity. In answer to your question of what I would buy at the Rings & Things Bead Show - I'd buy one of everything. I love their stuff.