Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrating 'Get Organized Month' With A Giveaway! - Closed

It's not that I am not motivated - I am - really.
What I am not is organized.

Because I am not organized, I am making more work for myself. I bought storage tubs, and shelving - but I didn't organize my tubs. I just put things in the tubs, to get stuff off my work area, and clear my computer desk. When I want to start project, I have to dig thru tubs trying to find what components I want to use and get everything collected.

Now a lot of my problem is - I don't throw anything away. Everything can be used to create something..... right - scraps of colored paper, rubber bands, memory chips, washers, fishing lures, it all gets collected, and tubbed. (This is a complete contradiction for the rest of my house - I throw everything away)(strange bird I am)

In celebration of 'Get organized month' I am giving away stuff!!! I am doing stuff a little differently this time. I have three different categories I giving away from, supplies, stones, and jewelry. I will draw a name from the comments below and from my Facebook fan page - The winner can take it all or can choose what they want. If the first winner does not take the whole package- I will draw another name, and they same thing - they can take it all or part, which in turn I will draw one final name.

Here is a mess of stuff:
Beaded border
Copper bead caps
Copper end cones
Porcelain pendants
Glass pendants
Raspberry 'Quartz' glass beads
Stoneware beads
Coral strands
Mookaite strand

Or a grouping of tumbled stones that all share a creative property ( along with success )
Amazonite, citrine, carnelian, and howlite

OR!! A single wire, copper cuff, your choice of colors!

OMG HOW DO I GET IN ON THIS!!! I hear you say :)

1. Comment on this blog or on the Facebook note entry (or both:)(let me know)
2. Repost - blog or link back to this from your facebook page (let me know)
3. Tweet it (let me know)

That is five ways you can enter!!!
I'll even ad entries if you are creative and get the word out about this give away above and beyond what is listed here (let me know)

I'll be drawing the winner(s) name June 20, 2011

Good luck kids!!!!

*edit* - I have added more to the give away categories, can ya stand it!


  1. Yay, you clean out and I hoard more. Wait, that's not the way it's supposed to work, is it? Oh well. I've tweeted!

  2. It is getting out of control - and in the amount of time til the drawing - I am pretty convinced, it will be a bigger pot :)

  3. I am a collector too and I truly try to keep it organized but it is a losing battle. Looks like a great pile of goodies- please add my name to the drawing :)

    Blogger won't let me comment so I'll try this way nmarkosky(at)comcast(dot)net or baglady blog

  4. quite a stash! count me in.
    Erin S

  5. Hi - I liked you on Facebook and posted a link on my blog!

  6. Thanks for doing this giveaway! :) I'm not really into craft supplies or bracelets - I just want to win those stones haha. If I win, my email is grig at gmx dot com

    *crosses fingers*

  7. I'm not sure if you can see it (facebook privacy features are a mystery to me!), but I linked your giveaway on my facebook. :)

    grig at gmx dot com

  8. And for my third entry, I tweeted about your giveaway. :^D Here's the link:!/grig4/status/79267688161087488

    grig at gmx dot com

  9. Oh, what a wonderful colorful stash!!! ebayfranstuff at gmail dot com

  10. I liked your facebook page. Great pendants!!

  11. What a great giveaway :) I'd love to be included in this. I've now just started following your blog.

  12. What a great idea! That pile of beads and buttons makes my head spin with crazy ideas!

  13. Great idea to clean up one's stash. Count me in.

  14. I love your stash! Please count me in.